MVIS’ Desert Island Favourites!

The ‘Journey to Wellbeing’ is an initiative started by the team at National Highways to initiate conversations between staff and improve the mental health of people in our sector.

Last month the team at MVIS took part in ‘Time to Talk Day’. We gathered in the main office to talk to one another about the impacts of mental health and point our staff in the direction of our 3 mental health first aiders.

Anne Ashman, Jon Larkins, and Rebecca Prince, our in-house team of experts, all agreed that it’s a good idea to partake in these practices so we can all stay alert and aware of who our staff can talk to receive to mental health advice.

This Month the team took part in ‘Desert Island Favourites’, a quiz show dedicated to being true to yourself and being honest about your interests.

Each member of staff told us their favourite film, song and a luxury item they would take to a desert island. We then compiled them into a quiz of which our staff had to guess whose chose what.

This was an excellent attempt to get the staff at MVIS talking to each other, the idea being that if you have a film or song option that another person may share it is suggested a staff member should talk about this and share the experience together.

Taking part in the ‘Journey to Wellbeing’ has been a good investment of MVIS time we have found that it does build morale to change the workflow of a day and keeps staff excited and revitalised.

Juliette Wright, our Customer Relations Officer, said: So many undiscovered minds in one workplace. It appears we know some of the team so well, and others unleased answers we were not expecting!  

Luxury products were my favourite answers, a net filled with footballs! Genius, you can catch fish with the net or use the two as a type of float to get off the island!