An introduction to Matt Felce

Matt Felce: Technical Manager

What’s it like to work at MVIS?

Working at MVIS is very rewarding. I have seen the company grow enormously in the 3 years that I have been here from a VMS supplier to the “go to” company for temporary ITS solutions.

What’s been the best MVIS projects you’ve worked on to date and why?

They are all rewarding in their own way. From the safety solutions we have developed along with Intellicone to the manufacture of our own trailers in the UK.

How are you finding day-to-day life at MVIS?

It’s great to work with such a close knit team who all work tirelessly with a common goal of making MVIS the biggest and best VMS and portable ITS supplier in the UK.

What recent projects have you worked on?

We have just deployed 8 signs around Tower Bridge that are automatically activated when the bridge is raised with the aim of lowering vehicle pollution.

What is the most fulfilling part of your role?

The most rewarding aspect of my job is the praise we receive from our customers and seeing the company grow from strength to strength.

What’s an average day for you?

I am very fortunate in that I don’t have an average day. It can involve anything from meeting with customers discussing designing a new solution to solve their problems to going to awards dinners for our innovation and everything in between.