Tim Hill: Delivery and Maintenance Operative

Tim Hill began working in MVIS’ Maintenance & Delivery department in May 2015, and is definitely the one to turn to should you have a ‘how does this work’ kind of a question.

How long have you been with MVIS?:
I started with MVIS in May 2015.

Job role:
My job role is to maintain our fleet of signs and keep them in good working order.

I also deliver them to our customers around the UK. I work with Darren Slater mostly and you can often find us out on the road delivering signs.

Sometimes I work in the yard with Tom, George and Kiran.

Recent projects:
The most recent project I worked on is getting a fleet of signs ready for A14 and A1 motorway. I have also done a bit of work on the MTS upgrades.

How did you get into the industry:
I got into the industry through my supervisor Darren as I had worked with him in a previous job and he recommended me to the company.

I am pretty good with electrics and am a hands-on kind of guy. This enabled me to learn the skills for the job very quickly.

Most fulfilling part of your role:
My favorite part of working at MVIS is delivering the signs to different locations across the UK. I enjoy working with the signs as I like to know as much about them as possible.

More about me:
When I am out of work I like to work on my own car. I play football a lot – I play for my local team on Saturdays and I play 6-a-side on Mondays with my friends.

I love gadgets and I have to have the latest things. And if there’s anything electrical I like to be able to fix them, such as phones, tablets and more!