Introducing…Jon Larkins

Dependable and quick to learn, Jon has been developing his knowledge of our varied product lines and has shown himself to be a great team player.

Meet him here.

How long have you been with MVIS?:
I joined MVIS on the 10th July. I’m in my fourth week here and loving it.

Job role:
Delivery and Maintenance Operative at the north depot.

Recent projects:
I recently worked at a plant in Barking which needed 15 VMS units. It was great as the north and south depots worked together to deliver all products on time. I also worked at Silverstone F1, setting up CCTV during my first week which was a great introduction to the business.

How did you get into the industry?:
I worked as a refuse collector for 12 years and was in need of a change. After hearing the great reputation that MVIS as a company and employer had, I searched the internet for any vacancies and like magic, there was the job for a Delivery and Maintenance Operative.

From my first interview with Anne and Darren, I could sense that the staff at MVIS were like one big, happy family and wanted to be a part of that environment.

Most fulfilling part of your role?:
The diversity of the job. You could be delivering from one end of the country to the other so you get to see many different parts of the country which is fantastic.

The workshop environment is great fun too. No two days are ever the same.

More about me:
I’m a family man and like nothing better than spending my free time with my wife and two daughters enjoying days out or acting daft on rainy days.

I also enjoy motorbikes and often visit the Isle of Man for the TT races and take part in track days.