Becca Saint: Administrator of Purchasing and Stock Control

Becca Saint is MVIS’ Purchasing and Stock Control department. She holds a Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Business and Administration.

How long have you been with MVIS?:
I joined MVIS on 9th March 2015 as an Administration Apprentice. I have since completed a Level 2 apprenticeship in Business and Administration and I am now studying towards Level 2, 3 & 4 in Manual Bookkeeping. I have since moved on to be the Administrator of  Purchasing and Stock Control.

Job role:
My day to day life consists of many tasks, some of which include speaking to customers for payment dates, answering the phone, purchasing items from suppliers, creating purchase orders and much more. Life at MVIS is always fulfilling, we are always busy and no day is ever the same.

I work closely with Anne Ashman who is the General Manager. I help Anne with many of the deliverables on our different accounts. I also work alongside other members of staff including  Warehouse & Manufacturing Supervisor Tom Hooton, who I order components for, as well as helping Operations and Customer Service Supervisor Dom Bridge and Admin ApprenticeTillie Wooliscroft. I also assist customers who are using MVIS’ Web Studio™.

Recent projects:
We currently gained our ISO Certification which has been a huge task. To assist with this process, I have been typing up processes and other documents for the office.How did you get into the industry

How did you get into the industry:
I came to MVIS as an apprentice in 2015, as I wanted to broaden my horizons with a change of career, and wanted something completely different to my previous career in childcare.

My family has their own haulage company and I grew up helping my mum in the office, so a career with a traffic management company seemed like a perfect fit. I was also in the process of buying my first house, which encouraged me to get a more stable and long-term position.

Most fulfilling part of your role:
I really enjoy working at MVIS, the atmosphere is great and everyone gets along. The most fulfilling part of my job is when everything is running smoothly and things are completed on time, as this makes me feel like I’ve done a good job.

Every day is different at MVIS and you never know what to expect from the day.

More about me:
I like to spend my spare time with my fiancé and my family. We are currently decorating our home and are planning our wedding which is in June 2018. I also enjoy going swimming at the local leisure centre, shopping, and cycling in the countryside when the weather is nice. We visit my fiancé’s family once a month down in London and spend time with our friends when we get the chance.