Forest Support Services call on MVIS to help with UK flooding

Earlier this month, the south of the UK was hit by torrential downpours resulting in mass flooding on a scale not witnessed in the country for many years.  So many years, in fact, that this winter is officially the wettest since records began.

As the UK’s leading supplier of temporary solutions to the traffic sector, MVIS was called upon by Forest Support Services to implement two colour mobile VMS signs on the A22 near Croydon to help effectively manage the flow of traffic and warn motorists of changes to the road network.

The team at MVIS was able to respond quickly to the need for VMS on the A22, delivering and installing the solutions on the very night that the call came through to the head office.

General Manager at MVIS, Anne Ashman, comments: “In situations such as this, speed is of the upmost importance and a delay in response can play absolute havoc with roads and the motorists that need to use them.

“Because we have depots all over the country, our team were able to swiftly deliver two VMS signs to Forest Support Services and these were installed exactly where they needed them, and most importantly, where they needed them.  As a result, motorists were warned of driving conditions and the flow of traffic was managed safely.”

The two VMS signs on the A22 will be in place for a total of three weeks until conditions settle in the area.  If you would like more information on how VMS can help you with your requirements, call MVIS on 01629 580 570 or click here to send us an email and we’ll get right back to you.