Event safety made easier with MVIS

When you’re tasked with organising a large scale event, we know that there is a long list of things you need to consider. So why not depend on MVIS to help make your event planning easier.

In a recent trend report event planners surveyed highlighted event security as one of their main concerns. As one of the UK’s most trusted suppliers of portable variable message signs (VMS) and Portable Solar Powered CCTV, MVIS aims to offer effective solutions to help ensure your event runs as smoothly and safely as possible.

Starting a week or so prior to your event, we deploy VMS to notify road users of the upcoming event, giving them time to find an alternative route. Not only does this reduce frustration for local traffic during the event but it also eases congestion for those attending. Pair this with CCTV and Web Studio™ and you’ll be able to monitor traffic and manage messages on multiple signs, updating them in an instant from any internet enabled device or using the Bartco Live app, as situations change.

Unsure which sign you would need? Our VMS-A is perfect for notifying road users on roads with speeds up to 50mph while our larger VMS-C is more commonly used on roads where the speed is greater than 60mph.

Whilst you’re setting up the event and have personnel and valuable equipment on-site CCTV is a natural deterrent, helping security staff to monitor the site 24 hours a day.

During the event, onsite VMS will help to communicate messages in both text and pictograms, from important safety messages and directional information to promoting sponsors logos (creating another opportunity for event revenue) to visitors. The appearance of CCTV will continue to help deter criminals, monitor visitor activity and help to direct security and medical staff to any incidents whilst also giving reassurance to visitors that their safety and security is a priority.

Both our VMS and CCTV are solar powered, easy to operate and require no external civils, so you can position them exactly where you need them. And with strategic depots located across the UK, MVIS delivers a fast, reliable service that you can depend on. Why not take the hassle out of your next event and pre-hire portable VMS and CCTV units to help take the strain prior to your event starting? And don’t just take it from us, listen to what our happy customers have to say:

“I found the booking process very easy and all the staff were extremely helpful. The system worked well for us as it deterred visitors who were unfamiliar with our area from going down a restricted road. The team who delivered and picked up the system were also very helpful and flexible. As the system worked so well we did not hesitate in booking it again for our forthcoming events.”
Nottingham Trent University

To find out more about hiring from MVIS, call us on 01629 580 570 or email