Discover MVIS’ Datex JTS

The technical team at MVIS are an innovative bunch, and like to stay one step ahead when it comes to new traffic management initiatives. One of our most recent products, the Datex Journey Time Solution (JTS) system does just this as it enables real-time journey time information for roads from Highways England’s National Traffic Operations Centre (NTOC).

The system was the first such solution to enable real-time journey time information from the NTOC that is displayed on portable variable message signs, and is now being used by a number of traffic management companies across the UK.

Because the date is communicated directly from NTOC in DATEX II format, this means that it is highly effective and accurate when it comes to informing road users of any disruptions or road closures in real time. This then helps to ease congestion and prevents long delays as road users are able to find alternative routes rather than sit idling in traffic.

It also encourages a more environmentally friendly approach too, as shorter queue times help reduce harmful emissions caused by static traffic jams.

A hardy and robust product, the Datex Journey Time Solution was designed to withstand varied weather conditions, so no matter whether rain or shine, you are guaranteed a reliable and quality performance.

If you would like to find out more about how the Datex JTS can become a valued part of your traffic management solutions, please call us on 01629 580 570 or email