Christmas Jumper Day 2019

Continuing the festivities, on the 13th December, MVIS and Bartco UK took part in Christmas Jumper Day!

Raising money for the homeless, members of the team donated between £1 and £3 for the cause, helping to bring a  little bit of happiness to vulnerable people this Christmas whilst bringing festive cheer to the office.

Everyone took part in this fun excuse to wear those warm, comfortable jumpers that only come out this time of year, even Levi the French Bulldog! But between me and you, some of the team got into the spirit early and have been practising Christmas Jumper Day for a number of days in the lead up to today, ensuring that they looked their best and made a real effort to impress.

The ‘winner’ of Christmas Jumper Day here was almost certainly one of our new starters, Liam, who donned an elf costume and a Santa hat in a hilarious show of this fun side of himself. Liam wins even more points for his outfit considering he is one of Bartco UK’s Workshop Technicians, really bringing the costume to life.

Whilst Christmas Jumper Day is a bit of light-hearted fun for us here at MVIS and Bartco UK, it must be remembered that we are doing this for a very real and serious reason. Homelessness is no joke, especially during a time that is supposed to be about family and feature a little bit of ‘overindulgence’ – a luxury the homeless don’t tend to have. So, at a time of the year that is universally known as the ‘time of giving’, it is appropriate for us to give back to the community and do what we can for this worthy cause.

This isn’t the only community initiative that we have on the go this Christmas however. As a socially responsible organisation, we have numerous projects taking place this year that will help several sections of society. Stay tuned for more information on these, as they come to fruition throughout the remainder of December.

Edit: For Christmas Jumper Day 2019, the MVIS and Bartco UK team raised £37.50. A big thanks to everyone who took part – every penny donated to Centrepoint Homeless Charity counts!