Celebrating 6 Years – Tim Hill

 This week we are celebrating the 6th anniversary since our Warehouse Supervisor Tim Hill joined us. Beginning his career as one of our Delivery Drivers in our Matlock based depot, Tim developed his reputation as a hard-working member from his first day as part of the team. Never turning down a job and ensuring that works were approached safely and efficiently, quickly earned Tim a reputation in the company as somebody that we were able to turn to and trust in managing himself when out on the road, a vital attribute in our industry as on-site working can be fatal if approaching in the wrong mindset.

After being with us for two years, Tim took to the building and developing aspect of our units. He began helping in the workshop when not on the road and soon adopted an appreciation for the technical development of our units. This led Tim onto moving from our delivery team and joining our technical support team in the workshop. Being technically minded with a keen eye for perfection, Tim quickly began to excel in his new role, whether it was working on a repair or a new build unit, his high standards made the perfect attribute to the team and saw him receiving a promotion to Workshop Supervisor in 2019.

Since moving to Workshop Supervisor, Tim has played his part in training and supporting the rest of the team and he has even overseen the training of our two most recent apprentices, Cain Gregory and Jacob Spencer. Tim loves inspiring new talent within the company and helping other staff members to enhance their talents by using his guidance and supervision. Thanks to Tim`s hands-on approach and technical thinking, you can see his team’s hard work and determination within all of our large fleet of units to this date, valued highly by customers and colleagues alike.

Being  part of such a bespoke industry means that it is our staff that enable us to move forward and enhance ourselves. With the determination and unique attributes that every member of the team bring to the table, we are proud to be able to say that every member of our team have been given the opportunity to find themselves within the company, something desired in most workplaces but rarely conducted.