Celebrating 4 years – Jon Larkins

Celebrating Anniversaries within MVIS is something that we are proud to promote. With a retention rate that we are not shy to boast of, we understand the importance of staff wellbeing and equal opportunity within any industry and therefore strive for our team’s accomplishments across the board.

Joining us 4 years ago with experience in high-speed road areas, Jon Larkins came to us with knowledge on road safety and teamwork when on-site. Since being with us, his training has been amplified and is now using his 4 years of knowledge in training our new delivery driver, Liam Griffiths in both on-site works and personal management. Understanding both the risks and safety procedures while working on high speed works is vital in our industry to avoid consequences caused by miscommunication.

Never shying away from a job, Jon has been all over the UK delivering and performing maintenance tasks to our over 600 units and has seen the company grow. In-turn, Jon has developed himself and grown with MVIS as a vital member of our Delivery and Maintenance team. With countless testimonials from both customer and colleagues alike, Jon has made an impression within MVIS as someone who carries the values and attributes that we look for in all of our team #teamMVIS.