Case Studies

Flu Vaccination Marshalling

Our Portable Variable Message Signs (VMS) have seen applications this year that we never expected. COVID-19 has changed so much in society, from the way we do business to the way we look after ourselves.

As winter approaches, numerous reports this year have emphasised the importance of getting a flu jab, which is a warning that many have taken seriously. As a result, flu jab stations across the UK have been inundated with scores of people wishing to get their vaccination.

This, however, presents an obvious threat in 2020 with the looming consideration of COVID-19, requiring those who organise and manage flu jab stations to take extra care in the operations of delivering the jabs.

Such considerations, such as social distancing, wayfinding and marshalling to enable mass vaccinations, have brought new issues to the annual task of defending the British public against the flu – issues that our Portable VMS were designed to help with.

Strategically deployed signs allow site managers and organisers to better facilitate the safe processing of patients, allowing them to call forward the next patient, marshal them into the correct area or even help with wayfinding in large areas.

The Mill Medical Practice in Godalming found just this. With the help of our portable VMS-A, they managed to vaccinate 1900 patients throughout 1 day during a well organised vaccination drive, evening using it to thank the staff at the end of the day on a job well done.

Ed Faulkner, Sales Manager at MVIS commented, “This is a highly practical and effective uses of our signs. In the conditions that 2020 have given us, we are seeing more applications for our units than ever before. The need for portable VMS in this setting during a pandemic has never been more apparent.”

He adds, “We are happy to have worked with The Mill Medical Practice and are very glad the sign helped them. As we know, flu jab stations are in a wide range of settings, from doctor’s surgeries to retail stores. We look forward to working with other flu jab providers to help keep their operations running smoothly and safely.”

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