80% savings with new Ecolite lighting tower

The Ecolite lighting tower is an innovative, environmentally focused lighting solution that improves visibility for outdoor working environments and events. Offering a running time of up to 170 hours, a robust mast that can withstand 100kph winds and an ultra quiet, single cylinder air cooled engine, Ecolite lighting towers are the ideal lighting choice for any outdoor situation.

Ecolite lighting towers use patented prismatic lenses with energy efficient Ceramic Discharge Metal Halide technology to offer superior definition, clarity and colour at a fraction of the CO2 output associated with any other lighting tower.
Reducing the overall CO2 footprint by up to 80%, the Ecolite lighting tower is 75% more fuel efficient due to its ability to tune the light source to optimise mesopic vision, which significantly improves the quality of light in terms of definition, clarity and colour reproduction.

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