5 Benefits of the Datex Journey Time Solution

Originally developed for use on Highways England’s Manchester Smart Motorways initiative, our Datex Journey Time Solution is the first to display real-time journey time information from Highways England’s National Traffic Operations Centre (NTOC) on portable variable message signs.

It is now being used by traffic managers across a range of projects. Here’s why:

  1. It helps ease congestion and emissions

By advising road users of potential delays it encourages them to take alternative routes, easing traffic in congested areas and reducing emissions.

  1. It’s accurate and reliable

Communicated directly from NTOC in DATEX II format, data is displayed in real time for highly accurate journey times.

  1. It’s adaptable

Because the information is displayed on portable VMS, traffic managers can respond quickly and decisively to changing road traffic scenarios. MVIS’ products are available nationwide via a network of UK-wide depots.

  1. It improves road safety

Providing road users with accurate journey time information and alerting them to delays on the road ahead, helps them to avoid incidents, make informed decisions about their onward journey and reduce frustration – all of which helps improve road safety.

  1. It comes with built-in safeguards

The Datex Journey Time Solution is designed with safeguards to ensure the journey times calculated don’t fall outside of the range allowed by current speed limits or conflict with the messages on any permanent VMS.  Automated VMS messages can be manually overridden in the event of a network incident.

Always moving forward

The Datex Journey Time Solution is part of MVIS’ range of innovative bespoke temporary ITS solutions designed to ensure the road network operates as efficiently and safely as possible.

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