2022 Year in Focus

As we look back on the year 2022, it’s clear that it was a year filled with both challenges and triumphs both on, and away from our highways.

The past 12 months have continued to test us in ways that few could have imagined. However, amidst all the turmoil, there were also glimmers of hope and progress. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the most significant events of 2022 for MVIS, whose year included a major landmark for the company, sustainability milestones, community outreach, new products and more.

2022: 10 Years in business

MVIS was born in 2012 and achieved an almost immediate level of success, with a successful London 2012 Olympic Games contract putting a marker down for what was to come. A decade on, MVIS Ltd are today the UK’s most trusted supplier of trailer-based, solar powered technology such as Variable Message Signs (VMS), CCTV, ANPR and Data Collection solutions.

In January 2022, the company kicked off its year in the community, partaking in a ‘Treecycling’ campaign. Treecycling, or Christmas tree recycling, is the responsible way to dispose of cut live trees at the end of the holiday season.

MVIS, based in Matlock, Derbyshire, is a partner of local charity Ashgate Hospice, which offers its local community this ‘Treecycle’ service, enabling households to pay £15 to have their trees removed in a hassle-free way that is also good for the environment. MVIS dedicated volunteer time, assisting with tree collection and disposal.

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Early 2022 saw a couple more significant milestones for the business.

The first, the launch of the MVIS portable CCTV unit. A solar powered CCTV solution, the product has a number of key benefits – including a small footprint – that makes it a perfect choice for worksites.

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Additionally, the company took another step on its sustainability charge by becoming a founder member of Greener Highways – a sustainability organisation dedicated to accelerating the highways sector’s collective charge towards meeting key sustainability goals and looking at how it can shape the future of such a heavy carbon sector.

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A decade of sustainable thinking was celebrated in 2022, and befitting of the MVIS way, a key product integration was developed with the environment in mind. MVIS delivers on its environmental ethos with the development of its ITS Integrated Environmental Sensor – compatible with every single MVIS unit. The ITS Integrated Environmental Sensor offers customers the ability to monitor the external environment, producing a wide range of air pollution data that can be used to inform and direct on issues of air pollution safety.

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Mirroring a decade of sustainable focus, 2022 brought a celebration of 10 years of innovations.

MVIS’ very own web studio system was the company’s first major innovation success and was the single biggest reason for the company being successful in its aforementioned 2012 Olympic Games contract. A standout innovative feature at the time, was MVIS’ grouping facility – the capability of programming multiple signs with the same message at the click of a button from a web-based system. The innovation won the day.

Since then, HD compact units, Portable CCTV, Solar IP towers, 5 colour VMS units are, amongst others, all innovative solutions MVIS has brought to the UK highways market.

In late 2022, MVIS exhibited at the Highways UK exhibition at the NEC, Birmingham in November.

They had a lot of their latest innovations on show, with the highlight being their new Integrated Environmental Decibel Data that was captured live at the event.

The company also kept its thoughts on sustainability and gave its product specification sheets a fresh new look and put them all together in a brochure, which could be downloaded by scanning a QR code, as opposed to printing on paper.

As the year ended, the company launched its customer focused, value-adding campaign; VMSo Much More.

The campaign centres around all of the additional benefits a customer sees when hiring a unit from MVIS. When you hire from MVIS, you don’t just get the best kit for getting your message across. You get So Much More. As well as Award Winning Customer Service 24/7, you get a bundle of amazing extras as standard. From data collection to Radar, Environmental sensors to message programming and battery changes.

Looking back on 2022, Anne Ashman, MVIS’ Group Commercial and Operations Director told us:

2022 was a big year for MVIS. Celebrating 10 years in business was a really satisfying event. However, with that said, we’re not slowing down. 2023 has more products in the pipeline – our R&D team have been fantastic in designing and engineering what’s to come. We also began 2023 with assisting Ashgate Hospice on their latest Treecycle mission.

We now continue to add value to our customers and enhance our platinum service reputation, as well as continue the VMSo Much More campaign message.”

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